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Canadian luge coach says track warmed unfairly "Canada was silver at the top, but the further we went down, the slower we got. That's a clear sign that thethe cheap Blues jerseys track slowed down dramatically," Staudinger told the Star's Kerry Gillespie after the race. "It's always hard to prove, but I'm long enough in the business that I can you when people, especially the AustriansAustrians cheap Blues jerseys who won silver yesterday, were dropping a half second, that's not normal." Piping runs underneath the luge track. Staudinger is suggesting that the temperature of the track was raised between the time the Russians and their major competitors slid, slowing the track considerably. "(I)n every competition, you always have people believing that people have tricks," Felli said. "I think that you should let it go unless you've got proof." Grudgingly, that's what the Canadian Luge Association plans. "At this point, there's really nothing we can do about it," CLA high performance director Walter Corey said on Friday. "At this moment, those are Wolfgang's comments. We're going to support our coach. We're also going to follow up with the FIL (International Luge Federation) to see what temperature readings they had." That process would not form the basis of any formal complaint. Do you believe something happened? "I mean, youyou wholesale cheap Blues jerseys can see some tendencies, right," Corey said carefully. "The Austrians were very vocal to our staff as well." After a silver medal in doubles, the Austrians finished seventh in the relay. They raced last, right after Canada. Corey said Canada will press for a rule change in which the best teams go down the track first, which would minimize the impact ofof cheap Blues jersey any shenanigans in the boiler room. That's cold comfort to Canadian competitors here, who may well have been undone by an anonymous Russian engineer, rather than their competitors on the field ofof cheap Blues jerseys china play.

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