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Start Playing in 3D on PC Now Your PC May Already Be 3D ReadySo you want to enjoy 3D Blu Ray and 3D gaming on your PC? It's easier and cheaper than you might think to get a 3D ready PC together. Your current PC may even already be 3D Ready if it's fairly new, which means you'll only need to upgrade your display and get one of the 3D software/glasses/emitter packages available. Here we're going to look at an overview of what you need to start playing in 3D on your PC, some ready made 3D ready PC's for those of you wanting a new gaming PC and for those who just want to upgrade their existing desktop computer, the hardware and software requiredrequired Packers jerseys cheap to start playing in 3D. We'll also be answering some of the 3D compatibility questions you might have in relation to gaming in 3D on PC. The focus here is on getting your PC ready for nVidia's 3D Vision Kit (which is the best of the bunch IMO), but if you want to learn more about the TriDef, XpanD and eDimensional 3D Software/3D glasses systems and what you need for each read the article on 3D Glasses for PC's. 3D Rendering SoftwareTo start gaming in 3D on your PC there's no getting around the fact that one of the basic requirements is 3D rendering software. At the moment there are 4 options: nVidia's Geforce 3D Vision Kit XpanD's 3D Steroescopic Kit TriDef's 3D Experience Pack E dimensional's 3D Wired System Each of these 3D systems include at least one pair of 3D active shutter glasses, 3D software and IR emitter. Now, you're going to need to be really careful which one of these systems you buy as each one has it's own compatibility issues. For instance the TriDef 3D Pack will only work with Samsung's older 3D DLP TV's or their 120hz display monitor, it don't work with Samsung's newer3D Ready Plasma or LED TV's. Your best bet in my opinion is nVidia's Geforce 3D Vision Kit. The TriDef and E dimensional systems are pretty good, but not quite as good as the 3D VIsion Kit and the XpanD 3D Stereoscopic Kit is a whopping $750. This leaves nVidia's 3D Vision Kit which is excellently priced, up to date and does the job of 3D rendering and 2D to 3D conversion superbly. It converts hundreds of your existing PC games into mind blowing 3D and once tried you'll never go back to flat 2D gaming. Here are my Top 10 3D PC Games for use with nVidia's 3D Vision. Basics Needed for 3D Gaming on Your PC (with nVidia 3D Vision) 3D Monitor or 3D Ready TV 3D Rendering Software 3D Active Shutter (Stereoscopic) Glasses IR (Infra Red) Emitter Dual Core Processor Windows 7 or Vista OS Plenty of Gig and Memory Dedicated nVidia GPU 3D Display Monitors Acer GD235HZbid Widescreen 23.6" 3D LCD DisplayAmazon Price: $399.99 ViewSonic VX2265wm FuHzion 22 Inch LCD MonitorAmazon Price: $299.99 3D TV 3DTV Corp DLP LINK 3D Glasses 2 Pairs for ALL 3D Ready DLP Projectors and ALL Samsung and Mitsubishi DLP TV'sAmazon Price: $56.98 3D DisplaysWhetherDisplaysWhether wholesale Packers cheap jerseys you've decided to upgrade your existing PC or you're going to buy a new 3D gaming PC, you're going to need some type of 3D display. There are several 3D display monitors on the market from ViewSonic, Samsung and Acer which all run at a super speedy 120hz. The ability for a display to refresh at a minimum of 120hz is an essentialessential cheap Packers jerseys requirement for gaming in 3D because it's the high refresh rate that allows two images to be shown alternately without any loss of image quality. If you're feeling rich, want a large screen or are up for 3D TV and Blu Ray as well as 3D gaming, then rather than buying a 3D display monitor,monitor, wholesale jerseys Packers cheap you might want to considerconsider wholesale cheap Packers jerseys china a 3D Ready TV or projector as your display instead. Mitsubishi's 3D Ready TV's are fully compatible with nVidia's 3D Vision Kit and are by far the best choice if you're looking for a large screen to add to your 3D gaming set up. Ready Made 3D Ready PC'sIf you take a look at any of the ready made gaming PC's here you'll see that they all meet the specifications required for gaming in 3D with nVidia's Geforce 3D Vision Kit. This is what hardware and software you'll need in your 3D gaming PC:

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